40 minutes

- Keeping the eye on the prize

About this course

Successful people know how to focus on managing themselves - taking responsibility for their behaviour and wellbeing. Having the ability to pay attention to what is important to you like your family, job or business ensures you can keep a laser focus on what needs to be done while removing the unimportant or unnecessary distractions. Successful people make self-management a priority - with this course, you can too!

What will I learn?

  • What Self Management is, why it’s important and its relevance to success
  • What are the critical principles to base self management around
  • Define your boundaries, maintain those boundaries, and manage the consequences
  • Manage and counter the negative thinking that can undermine your focus and self-management
  • Understanding our choices so as to hold ourselves accountable to above the line behavior

Key People

Thought Leader - Nikki Hommes

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