35 minutes

- How can I help others to develop and grow

About this course

Mentoring and Coaching are methods of instructing, guiding and developing a person or group of individuals, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop a particular skill. Your ability to coach people effectively will result in awesome outcomes in the workplace and life.

We have packed a tonne of stuff into the course to get you going - what is coaching all about, the essential skills you should have and then we’ll cover the coaching conversation, and you’ll walk away with some techniques to deliver constructive feedback which gets results.

What will I learn?

  • What is coaching - You’ll explore the difference between coaching, mentoring and training – and the benefits of coaching in organisations.
  • Coaching conversations - You’ll learn what’s required to build the trust and understanding that lead to more effective coaching conversations.
  • Coaching in the real world - You’ll discover how to structure your coaching conversations, using the GROW method to achieve the best result.

Key People

Thought Leader - Drew McGuire

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