Problem Solving

50 minutes

- Get to the heart of the issue and find the best solution.

About this course

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset possess the skill to carefully evaluate and judge what they are confronted with (going beyond what is visible), then test their assumptions to define the best next step. While intuition is important and has its place, so too is the ability to investigate and make informed skilful judgements. Not sure whether to launch this course? Click launch...there, problem solved!

What will I learn?

  • Defining a problem - Before you can solve it, you need to identify what your problem is.
  • Generating ideas - A range of tools that you can use to understand your problem and generate ideas.
  • Make the call - Evaluate your options and decide on a solution.
  • The way forward - How to influence others and communicate your plan.

Key People

Thought Leader - Ken Brophy

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