Health and Safety

25 minutes

- Because who likes a broken leg?

About this course

Unlike ideas, the spread of germs is not that exciting. Neither is getting pushed over in an evacuation or injuring yourself while working! Luckily, this course will give you an introduction to health and safety so you know how to deal with hazards or what to do in an emergency situation.

What will I learn?

  • Why bother with H&S? You will begin by looking at why we bother with H&S.
  • Spot the hazard - Next, you will discover the different types of hazards.
  • No time for injury - Then, you will follow a process to address the previously identified hazards.
  • Stop, drop and roll - Finally, you will learn about the various emergency situations, and what to do in one.

Key People

Thought Leader - Gerard Mackle

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