Personal Leadership

30 minutes

- Demystifying the essence of great leaders

About this course

Whether you are driving a start-up, becoming part of an existing organisation or being effective in you personal life, leadership is critical. The actions of the leaders to model behaviours, communicate effectively, remove roadblocks, motivate others will determine whether the business succeeds or fails.

We’ll cover the difference between management and leadership. We’ll look at emotional intelligence and personal values (where you get to rate yourself and build a plan to strengthen them)

And at the very end, you’ll create your vision which encompasses what you want to become.

What will I learn?

  • What is leadership - You will gain an understanding of leadership and why it’s important in private and professional life.
  • Leadership qualities - You will discover the various personal attributes required for effective leadership
  • Developing leadership - You will develop leadership skills by identifying your personal values and defining a vision

Key People

Thought Leader - Ceri Rowland

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