Human Resources Part A

1 Hour

- Bringing on the right people.

About this course

People are a significant asset in any organisation. If they are the right fit, they will apply their unique skills and abilities to help an organisation succeed. If they are not the right fit, it will create tricky challenges and uncomfortable conversations. Irrespective of whether they are your first hire or 100th you need to make sure you attract and hire the right people.

What will I learn?

  • Introduction - You’ll meet your virtual team and learn how to exit someone from your business.
  • Attract - You’ll get to understand the importance of writing a clearly defined role profile and how to then recruit the best person for the job.
  • On-boarding - You’ll discover why a robust on-boarding programme is so important, and why it has such a massively positive impact on your business.

Key People

Thought Leader - Karyn Gould

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